Contact Poison Control in the event of any accidental ingestion before doing anything else. Not all ingestions need vomiting to be induced, and with some it is actually more harmful if they do vomit. Keep Ipecac available, but use it only upon the advice of poison control.

Call Poison Control (1-800-222-1222)
to get more information.

Make sure to have the bottle of the offending agent with you. If instructed to go to the office or the Emergency Room, please take the
bottle with you as well. The best thing to do for ingestions is avoid them. Keep all medicines and household cleaners out of reach of children. Do not put cleaning products, pesticides, or gasoline products in coke bottles, milk bottles and other such containers that a child might get confused with the real thing and take a drink. Remember that many pills look like candy, so keep them put up.