Diarrhea often follows vomiting, but it is seen more frequently with no previous insult. Diarrhea can even be normal at times during the development of a child’s intestinal system. As a young infant, a stool every time the stomach is filled is normal. Eventually we all settle into our own unique bowel pattern, and a change in that pattern should be watched closely.

Isolated diarrhea is aggravating but not clinically harmful if it lasts for shorter than 2 weeks. Your child will increase his fluid intake in response to diarrhea. Please do not use any over-the-counter anti-diarrhea medicines unless specifically told to do so by our office. These medicines can actually make a mild problem become quite serious.

Allow your child to eat and drink all his regular foods and liquids, including milk. The only things that should be avoided arc fruits and fruit juices, which can stimulate frequent stools by themselves. A regular diet has been shown to decrease the total number of days of diarrhea, so only use a bland diet while vomiting is present.

If you see blood in the stool or if the loose stool continues longer than 2 weeks, contact our office. Make sure to protect the skin on your child’s bottom by coating it with Vaseline heavily after each diaper change. If the skin gets more raw and bleeding, let us see your child in the office.