Infants cry for many reasons. Many times, they are simply “expressing themselves,” or “stretching their lungs.” Your instincts to comfort your infant are appropriate and should be followed. Do not, however, expect that you will always find a solution for a particular crying episode. Develop a routine that you can use each time for your child. An example would be:
■ Is the baby hungry?
■ Is the diaper dirty or wet?
■ Does the baby want to be cuddled?
■ Does the baby want a pacifier?
■ Are the baby’s clothes too tight?
■ Is the baby too hot or too cold?
■ Does the baby want to roll around in the crib?

Develop your own routine, but always end the list with putting the child down and leaving the room for a short mental break for yourself. A stressed
parent cannot calm a child.

If your infant is extremely irritable, or cries for a long period without interruption, contact our office. Take a moment to look at all of the fingers and toes to make sure there are no threads or hairs cutting off circulation and causing pain. Another common problem is eye injuries, so call us if there is any sudden tearing from only one eye in an irritable child.